Whether you had the luxury of celebrating the holidays nearby and have now returned or never left the city in the first place, this weekend is the perfect time to try out all the new restaurants you can’t seem to get into the rest of the year or simply haven’t had the time to check out yet. We did a bit of research and found 12 places worth visiting while the going is good and the city is emptier than usual.

New York may be fully in the throes of food-market fatigue, but we’ve made an exception for the Market Line, and more specifically, Peoples, a wine shop and bar from the folks behind ContraWildair, and Una Pizza Napoletana. Not only does the place have hundreds of bottles of natural wine to choose from, but you can easily spend hours drinking through them over tinned seafood and high-end Swedish meatballs, a phrase we never thought we’d write here.

Over the summer, we found ourselves raving over chef Jae Lee and his impressive Korean food pop-up, Him, which included a burger that set more than a few meat-loving hearts aflame. In the blink of an eye, that pop-up has become a full-blown restaurant in the East Village, where you can enjoy playful dishes like honey butter tater tots alongside more serious fare like wok-fired clams with chicken, black beans, and brown butter.

232 Bleecker
When Team Grub heard that Suzy Cupps — formerly of Gramercy Tavern and the late, great Anissa — had paired up with the team behind fast-casual spot Dig to create a full-service restaurant, our interest was immediately piqued. For 11 days now, Cupps has been bringing her “quiet, Zen style of cooking” (chef Anita Lo’s words) to the heart of Greenwich Village and if you enjoy vegetable-centric cooking that’s delicate, but filling, you’ll want to check it out.

F&F Pizzeria
Should you find yourself down Carroll Gardens way, consider dropping by this pizzeria from Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli of Frankies Sputino fame. The concept is simple: dairy-free tomato pizza or regular pizza, both served on bread developed by Tartine bread master Chad Robertson alongside pizza master Chris Bianco, and going for $26 and $30, respectively — which may seem pricey, but pizza greatness isn’t always cheap.

Win Son Bakery
If you follow this café/restaurant on Instagram Stories then you know that they’re pretty much slammed on weekends, especially around 10 or 11 a.m. But perhaps not so much when the denizens of East Williamsburg have gone on holiday. Either way, it’s definitely worth stopping by for the superior Taiwanese-influenced breakfast.

Rhodora Wine Bar
The restaurant and wine bar formerly known as Mettā has been quietly chugging away since September with one goal in mind: to be zero waste. That means you can actually feel good about downing glass after glass of natural wine at the low-key Fort Greene spot — even when you’re nursing a slight hangover the next day.

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